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We are so sorry but due to COVID, we have encountered many different issues that make staying open impossible. I have no website/email support to help with day to day maintenance. Suppliers are out of stock. Shipping is taking 3x as long. Until these issues are fixed, I am regretfully closed. You are always welcome to reach out on Facebook to see if I can help with an order. Blessings!
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Manly Gifts

Personalized Sterling Cufflinks
Our Price:  $35.00  
Personalized Tie Clips
Our Price:  $22.00  
Pop the Top
Our Price:  $24.00  
First Love, First Hero - Keychain
Our Price:  $35.00  
Aluminum Bar Keychain
Our Price:  $24.00  
Personalized Money Clips
Our Price:  $24.00  
Lucky Penny
Our Price:  $15.00  
Men's Cuff
Our Price:  $28.00  
Guitar Pick - Copper or Silver
Our Price:  $20.00  
Our Price:  $40.00  
Personalized Guitar Pick
Our Price:  $20.00  
Personalized Golf Set
Our Price:  $20.00  
Six-sided Bar Keychain
Our Price:  $28.00  
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