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We are so sorry but due to COVID, we have encountered many different issues that make staying open impossible. I have no website/email support to help with day to day maintenance. Suppliers are out of stock. Shipping is taking 3x as long. Until these issues are fixed, I am regretfully closed. You are always welcome to reach out on Facebook to see if I can help with an order. Blessings!
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Little Painted Polka Dots  - Unique and affordable personalized jewelry

The Dot Collection FAQ
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  • These unique little Dots are whimsical and personalized.  Each cap is stamped and domed by hand, so no two will be exactly alike.
  • The Dot Necklace features high quality artisan beads and natural stone beads.
  • The Mama Dots Necklace features genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearls.
  • The dots hang freely from your choice of an 18" or 24" chain.  1-3 Dots lay flat.  4+ Dots tend to cluster together.
  • The caps are made to spin if needed.  Some will be looser than others.  Totally normal! That way, if you have a multiple words (.ie a quote) you can spin it to show whichever part you'd like.  That being said, we don't recommend constant spinning. :)
  • You can always add on in the future!  Just slide off the jump ring at the end of the necklace to slide a new Dot on and then replace the jump ring.  Easy peasy!
  • A pro-polish pad (little white foam pad) has come packaged with your necklace.  Keep this on hand to gently polish the silver cap when needed.
  • As with all of our jewelry - we recommend you take them off before showering, swimming, or sleeping.

If you have a question that isn't covered here, please let us know.  Blessings!


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