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We are so sorry but due to COVID, we have encountered many different issues that make staying open impossible. I have no website/email support to help with day to day maintenance. Suppliers are out of stock. Shipping is taking 3x as long. Until these issues are fixed, I am regretfully closed. You are always welcome to reach out on Facebook to see if I can help with an order. Blessings!
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Crushed - {MAP}
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"The God of peace will crush satan under your feet." Romans 16:20  

How powerful is that verse?!  When I first saw it, with the verse being written on the bottom of a shoe, it hit me a like a truth bomb.  Whatever you're battling, whatever you're struggling with, the Lord is with us and He will bring us peace.  He will crush satan, and all the battles we face, under our feet.  Wear this necklace as a reminder that satan can and will be stopped with the God of peace at our side.   

  • 1.25" disc is stamped in a freehand spiral with the above verse.  
  • Disc can be domed/cupped (as shown) or flat
  • Includes a running shoe charm
  • Hangs from an 18" stainless steel chain

50% of the sale of this piece will go directly to Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP).  Michigan Abolitionist Project (MAP) helps people use their gifts and talents to prevent and end modern slavery in Michigan communities and beyond.  At the heart of who we are, are stellar abolitionists. MAP volunteers are business owners, college students, pastors, artists, stay-at-home moms and dads, writers, teachers, lawyers, construction workers, hairdressers, medical professionals, social workers, marketing experts, computer techs, professors, and more! We are living proof that anyone can do something to prevent and help end slavery.

To learn more about Michigan Abolitionist Project, visit their website:


Our Price:  $28.00  

Units:       each

Approximate Shipping Time:
Please allow 2-3 weeks for the completion of your hand made item



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