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We are so sorry but due to COVID, we have encountered many different issues that make staying open impossible. I have no website/email support to help with day to day maintenance. Suppliers are out of stock. Shipping is taking 3x as long. Until these issues are fixed, I am regretfully closed. You are always welcome to reach out on Facebook to see if I can help with an order. Blessings!
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Little Painted Polka Dots  - Unique and affordable personalized jewelry
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Stamped Rings | 1100 Aluminum
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These fun rings are made of sturdy 14 gauge pure aluminum.  They are hand stamped and hand wrapped for a unique and organic finish and have been sealed for durability and shine .  There are 4 styles to choose from and can be personalized in a variety of ways.  These rings can be styled for both women and men.

Style 1: Hammered Loop (up to 10 letters)
Style 2: Smooth Loop (up to 10 letters) this style looks just like Style 1, except it's not hammered
Style 3: Spiral (up to 8 letters on top AND 8 letters on bottom)
Style 4: Thick Wrap (up to 10 letters)

  • Pure Grade Aluminum is a great alternative to Sterling Silver and other metals. PURE Aluminum is actually food safe and it is safer for your skin than most other fine metals. It is very affordable.  It is light weight, yet durable. Our pieces have been polished and shined to a beautiful silver-like finish.  It will not tarnish, rust or change color.
  • Choose your ring size and style below. Each of our rings are slightly adjustable so you can achieve the perfect fit once you receive it.
  • Please note that if you choose to use the max amount of letters, depending on ring size, some letters might not show.


Our Price:  $18.00  

Units:       each

Approximate Shipping Time:
Please allow 2-3 weeks for the completion of your handmade piece


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